6 Great Reasons to Do an MBA

Posted by Amy (HBS MBA Class of 2015) on

There are many reasons to do an MBA! From my experience, here are the top six:

Reason 1: To switch careers. This is a very common reason. The MBA helps engineers switch to finance, doctors go into consulting, military go into senior management at corporates - the list goes on!

Reason 2: To get international experience (to switch markets). Many international students complete an MBA in a different market to experience in that new market, often with the intention of working in that market after graduation.

Reason 3: To learn business in a formal way. If you are like me and didn’t study business in undergrad, the formal business education is definitely a valuable part of the MBA. While this may seem obvious, many MBAs are surprised by how much they actually learn in the classroom.

Reason 4: To extend their network. There’s no better way to get to know people than to spend two years with them in an MBA program. After graduation, these same people you went to that Great Gatsby party with or studied for that exam with or worked on that startup idea with - go on to do amazing things all over the world. While lives change, the friendships you made do not. As well as this, MBA programs give you access to their alumni networks, which can be very helpful in the future.

Reason 5: To get the brand of the university on their CV. This should not be the only reason you do an MBA, but if the school you are applying for is more recognised than your undergraduate university, this is certainly something to value - particularly if you are trying to break into a new market.

Reason 6: For an incredible 2 years of personal growth (and fun!). This is true for almost all MBA students. From the intellectually stimulating conversations in and out of the classroom, the weekend trips you will take, and the global exposure you will gain - the MBA will help you grow and develop personally and professionally.