Dress for Success

It is better to dress conservatively than make a statement with your clothes. Dress for your MBA interview as you would dress for a traditional job interview. It’s easy to get this part right - just follow the guidelines in this section.


  • Suit - in a conservative colour like navy, black or dark grey. Make sure you wear the jacket.
  • Shirt - long sleeved button up shirt, ideally white or light blue.
  • Tie - silk, in solid colour like red or blue.
  • Shoes - Leather lace up shoes. Make sure they are polished.
  • Socks - dark and matching.
  • Belt - subtle, simple and a colour that matches your suit.
  • Deodorant, but not a strong fragrance.
  • No gum!


  • Suit - 2 piece suit, either skirt or pant suit fine.
    • If skirt - make sure it covers your thighs when seated.
    • If pants - make sure they are well tailored.
    • Make sure you wear the jacket.
  • Blouse - light coloured.
  • Shoes - closed-toe heel, with heel height 1-3 inches. Wear shoes you can easily walk in.
  • Stockings - dark or nude colour.
  • Jewelry - conservative, matches outfit.
  • Makeup - subtle, conservative.
  • Nails - well groomed, subtle colour if painted.
  • Deodorant, but not strong fragrance.
  • Handbag (optional). If you bring a handbag, make sure it’s a size that can fit notebook and laptop.
  • No gum!